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ATM Japan Business Service, Ltd.

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ATM Japan Business Service, Ltd. (ABS) promotes collaboration in the ATM operation management of financial institutions and aims to become the “best partner in mutually improving the efficiency of ATM operational tasks.”

ABS started operating in April 2013, and ever since then, has gradually outsourced ATM operation tasks (replenishment cash, ensuring equipment security, and troubleshooting) and management tasks (monitoring ATMs). It has come to develop a nationwide service network in Japan.

Service networks covering Japan nationwide are set up by cooperating with partner security companies throughout the country. And by making use of those networks, ABS is able to improve the efficiency of ATM management for many financial institutions.

Furthermore, ABS operated its latest ATM monitoring system (GAIA*1) and opened a new ATM Operation Center in Eastern Japan (Kamoi, Yokohama-shi) and in Western Japan (Sakuranomiya, Osaka-shi) by October 2014.
We are placing more than 600 staff members in both of these centers,  allowing for collaboration in ATM operation management within financial institutions.

Under the thought “to create a safe and fair service and contribute to the local community,” ABS will continue aiming for more efficient ATM operations. This will be achieved by cooperating with partner security companies, and offering solutions for collaborated ATM operation management to more financial institutions.

*1. GAIA is a registered trademark of Japan ATM, Ltd. (Registration Number 5656162)

Hiroyuki Nakamura


Company Name ATM Japan Business Service, Ltd.
Head office location 1-30-5, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 03-5405-8961(代)
FAX 03-3578-7022(代)
President Hiroyuki Nakamura
Date Started Business April 1, 2013
Capital ¥100M
Number of Employees
(as of 2018/1)
(Number of employees includes loaned employees and temporary staffs)
Major Businesses ■Outsourcing Services
 ▼Outsourcing Services for Financial Institutions
      ・ATM Monitoring Outsourcing
  ・ATM Operation Outsourcing
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