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ATMJ's Strong Relationship of Mutual Trust with Financial Institutions and its Open Corporate Culture

“To contribute to Japanese financial institutions and offer better financial services to the users” — ATM Japan,Ltd. was established with this concept.
Throughout our history, we have been striving to change common practices and existing styles. And in the course of time, we have succeeded in building an outsourcing business model where we collaborate in services such as the monitoring of ATM operations and have offered system solutions to mega-banks, Japan Postal Bank, retail financial institutions, regional financial institutions and Shinkin-banks (regional financial institutions that serve small and medium-size enterprises and local people).
Indeed, the strong relationship of mutual trust we have built up with financial institutions who accepted our proposals, and our open corporate culture where staff members, regardless of their age, gender, career or nationality, can propose new ideas and put them together, made this success possible.

Entering a Second Stage: New Story has Begun

In 2013, the ATMJ Group entered its second stage of existence with an eye on the future, hoping to surpass the achievements of its “first stage.”
The Group has been supporting financial institutions from a neutral position, and there are things which only such a group can work on — removing boundaries, tying up with financial institutions and devoting more efforts to sectors that benefit institutions and users.
We will also enhance the business of financial institutions by outsourcing their non core business. This will enable them to concentrate managerial resources on their core business.

To Support Financial Institutions is to Support Japan

It changes with time that financial institutions is demanded. Our role is to offer services to institutions and users by responding to such challenges. The ATMJ Group, which has worked to achieve the impossible and changed what was thought to be unchangeable, will continue to innovate. Supporting financial institutions is to support the Japanese economy, and thus people’s lives. The ATMJ Group will continue working for a better society."

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