High-quality system solutions from hardware to software

System Solution

We provide system solutions to achieve optimization and greater efficiency based on our know-how in ATM related services.

System Solution

ATM and Other Related Equipment

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

Save energy with new modules. Moreover, made easy-to-use with the universal design(UD).

In-Branch ATM Monitoring Device (PC Monitor)

ATM operating status can be remotely monitored at the branches, making ATM related tasks become more efficient.

Passbook Issuing Machine (PBI)

Optimize branch operation by the total management of passbook & statement issuing

Passbook Renewing and Updating Machine (Pi)

Support customer needs for the purpose of passbook updating/reissuing at bank lobbies and ATMs. During non-branch operating hours.

ATM Booth

As a part of ATM Full Outsourcing service, aside from providing ATM itself, we provide a package solution of planning and design of ATM booths appropriate for its setting locations from designing to deployment.

Other Software

Security Measures (White list)

Inhibit unexpected software activity by creating a list of perrmitted software files(white list). Relieve for ATM resources by preventing unpermitted softwares that cannot be handled by the black list.

ATM location database

One and only ATM location database in Japan, which includes ATM location information of nationwide banks, convenient stores, post offices and more.

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